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Roof Cleaning

Restore Your Home's Beauty With a Clean Roof


Since your roof is exposed daily to the elements, it's easy for dirt and algae to build up over time. But it's not exactly a piece of cake to climb up there and clean it yourself. If debris stay there long enough, it can lead to serious damage and ice dams in the winter. Schedule a cleaning with us to avoid these issues.

Protect Your Environment


Gloeocapsa magma travels in the air and feeds on the limestone fillings between your shingles. This not only weakens the structure of your roof, but can lead to further damage like ice dams in our harsh Minnesota winters. Roofing companies today often use limestone to give shingles weight and durability. This is why algae can spread from a small streak into multiple streaks on your roof within a year or two.


Most homeowners share this nuisance as a group. When one home has gloeocaspa magma on there roof, chances are the whole neighborhood has streaks of growing algae. These streaks are actually its protective shield. Gloeocaspa magma streaks to protect itself from the sun's UV rays and then eats away at the limestone fillings on your shingles. This significantly shortens the lifespan of your shingles. A 25 year life expectancy can be shortened to less than 15 years. It also costs more money to cool your house in the spring and summer. This is because the gloeocaspa magma traps heat in the attic and, when combined with the moisture from outside, it only helps the algae spread.

Call us today to learn more about our eco-friendly shingle cleaning process!

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